One of our shovels thirsting for snow Crashes down on our deck — An uprooted tree. Last year, the shovel stood tall and mighty Grounded in snow Only the bright blue neck poked out for air. Snow flurries are swirling about right now leaving Threads of flakes across the edge of our wooden deck Winter is leaving […]

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Every year on Rosh Hashanah, my wife and I each think of a one-word concept that we want to work on for the year. I chose empathy. To help with developing more empathy, I participated in a day-long retreat at the Insight Meditation Center in Brattleboro, VT, where Jay Oren Sofer provided various mini-lectures and led a few activities and […]

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Absolute Monarch

I tend to have a Rolodex of random scientific facts revolving around my mind. Nature never ceases to amaze me, and I can understand why some people have a pantheistic belief. Every so often, one of the random facts I accumulate over the years floats back to the surface and makes me smile at nature’s wonderment. […]

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The Rainy Day

Yesterday morning, during torrential rains, a man was practicing Tai-Chi on a small piece of green space. As deliberately slow and unbroken motions from an arm or leg or both flowed across his stable frame, the hard rains pelted his face and drenched his body. And I began to wonder if his state of mind genuinely mirrored his smooth movements. […]

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Make Way for Canadian Geese

I was driving through rush hour traffic in Boston yesterday evening, and 2 Canadian geese decided they would attempt to cross a 4 lane highway. The geese, standing dignified, straddled the double yellow lines. As they wavered back and forth, hesitating about which way to move — retreat or plow ahead — a daring young woman left her […]

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Untapped Energy

Last week Saturday I heard an excerpt of a story on NPR’s RadioLab. Without going into the nitty gritty details of the ongoing scientific research, I learned that the brain has some sort of triggering mechanism that tells us when we can no longer exert physical energy towards a task, say when performing hard labor or […]

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