Make Way for Canadian Geese

I was driving through rush hour traffic in Boston yesterday evening, and 2 Canadian geese decided they would attempt to cross a 4 lane highway. The geese, standing dignified, straddled the double yellow lines. As they wavered back and forth, hesitating about which way to move — retreat or plow ahead — a daring young woman left her vehicle. She trotted into the street, dodging oncoming cars, to encourage the geese to continue forward. Despite the stereotype in Massachusetts, Boston drivers came through this evening to make way for Canadian geese and a courageous woman. And I was rewarded with a moment of being absolutely present during my evening rush hour drive.


8 thoughts on “Make Way for Canadian Geese

  1. This is a beautiful and heartwarming moment in time. I felt like I was there on the highway with you. I visited Boston one time, rented a car and took it back the next day because being from Wyoming, I just couldn’t handle it!


  2. This reminds me of the classic, Make Way for Ducklings! I can just see everyone waiting for the geese to cross the road. Great slice! I loved the part about “being absolutely present.” Those moments provide great writing inspiration.


  3. “a moment of being absolutely present” Yes, this. We get into our routines and often see that which disrupts it as something negative. Life has a way of throwing a pleasant curve ball in the mist of it and you were lucky enough to realize it for what it was. I smiled reading this.


  4. What a great moment to witness! Reason enough to pause, indeed. Hope the feeling of presence continued through your evening hours.


  5. Why was I in disbelief when I read this post? I am annoyed with my own cynicism. Of course she stopped and saved the geese. She was quite brave. I think I needed this, too, given how angry I’ve been about the world and who’s attempting to run it. Goodness remains if we choose to look. Thank you for the reminder.


  6. Jason, where did you see the geese? I had a very similar experience on the BU bridge. Love your last line about being absolutely present during rush hour. What a present from the universe.


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